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Myth: Hearing aids will bring my hearing back to what it once was.

Fact: Unfortunately, there is no cure for permanent hearing loss. Hearing devices will not bring your hearing back to 100%. However, what they will do is provide you with the best possible solution for confronting your hearing loss and be able to greatly increase your overall quality of life.

Myth: I’m too young to have hearing loss.

Fact: A common misconception is that only the elderly are affected by hearing loss. More and more cases of hearing loss in younger generations are being reported especially due to noise-induced hearing loss from headphones and earbuds.

Myth: Hearing aids are fragile and will just break.

Fact: Hearing devices are built to be durable and able to stand up to an active lifestyle. Many hearing devices are water resistant and custom fit to prevent them from falling off accidentally. Your hearing devices will not limit what you are capable of, but rather give you more opportunities to do what you love.

Myth: Hearing aids will damage my hearing more.

Fact: When properly fitted and adjusted, hearing devices will not damage your hearing. In fact, when you begin to wear hearing devices, you can actually slow the rate of hearing loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I know what hearing aid is right for me?
A: There are plenty of hearing device options for anyone looking to take control of their hearing loss. Determining which type of hearing device will benefit you can at first seem overwhelming, but during your hearing evaluation we can help identify your needs, review options in detail, and fit you with the right device for your lifestyle.
Q: Which hearing aid style will be the least noticeable?
A: All modern hearing devices are designed to be sleek and barely noticeable. There isn’t one device that is much more noticeable than the other.  While each device may be worn differently, they are all comfortable and discreet. To be honest, someone with an untreated hearing loss is much more noticeable than someone who’s wearing hearing aids and fully engaged in conversations.
Q: When should I get a hearing screening?
A: Since hearing loss can gradually worsen over time, it can sometimes be tough to recognize. We recommend scheduling an annual hearing screening so you can stay up-to-date on your hearing health. By catching hearing loss early, you can often slow its rate of decline.
Q: Can my hearing aids get wet?
A: While you should always try to limit your devices’ exposure to water, there are many hearing aids that are designed to be water resistant or waterproof.
Q: Should I only wear my hearing aids when I’m around other people?
A: The more you wear your hearing devices, the more comfortable and natural they will feel. It can take some time to get used to new devices, so by wearing them as frequently as possible, even when you are by yourself, you’ll grow accustomed to them faster.


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