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The Importance of Hearing Aid Check-Ups

If you have hearing loss, then your hearing aids play a crucial role in your everyday life. You rely on your hearing aids to provide you with the proper amplification and clarity you need to hear the sounds around you.

With the quick approach of spring, you may be feeling excited for the change of season. Many people like to deep clean their homes or personal spaces in the spring. You may regularly clean your home or desk, but when was the last time you cleaned your hearing aids?

Hearing Aid Cleaning Tips

To ensure the longevity of your hearing aids it's important to clean them every day and to treat them with care. Follow these tips for clean and cared for hearing aids!

Hearing Aid Check-Ups

Although cleaning and properly caring for your hearing aids is important, is also crucial to bring them in for regular hearing aid check-ups. Even if you clean your hearing aids on a daily basis, earwax, dirt, dust, and other debris can still build-up inside the small components of your hearing aids. Over time this can cause your hearing aids to malfunction or can make sounds seem muffled.

When you bring your hearing aids in for a deep cleaning, we will remove any build-up of debris inside your hearing aids and can even replace the domes or tubes if necessary. While you’re in our office we can also ensure your hearing aids are at a comfortable level for you and if necessary, we can fine tune the programming.

Schedule Your Hearing Aid Cleaning

Add a hearing aid check-up to your spring-cleaning list! We would be happy to perform a hearing aid check-up and deep clean your devices. We recommend having your hearing aids cleaned by a professional and checked every six months. This will ensure your devices are properly working for you.

Contact us today to schedule your hearing aid check-up!

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