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Better Hearing and Speech Month: How to Prepare for Better Hearing

Preparing for the spring and summer months might include cleaning out your garden, clearing out the garage, or putting the screens back in the window, but it should also include preparing for Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM).

For over 50 years, Better Hearing and Speech Month has taken place every May as an opportunity to spread awareness about communication disorders and the life-changing technology used to treat them. One of the most common communication disorders is hearing loss. Hearing loss affects about 48 million Americans, and it can affect people of all ages, genders, and races. Use this year's BHSM to focus on your hearing health and support those around you with hearing loss.

Take these actions to prepare for Better Hearing and Speech Month 2023!

Better Hearing and Speech Month is the perfect opportunity for you start thinking about the importance of hearing in your life and how you can protect it. This month is also a great opportunity for you to check in with your loved ones who are experiencing hearing loss. Show them that you support their journey and help them to feel less of the isolation that often comes along with hearing loss.

Focus on your hearing health this Better Hearing and Speech Month by contacting our office to schedule your hearing test!


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