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Protect Your Hearing This Summer: Firework Safety

Now that summer is here, you may be excited to spend time outside doing your favorite activities. During these warmer months many people like to pass their time gardening, listening to live music, swimming, or watching fireworks.

During the month of July especially, many individuals find themselves watching spectacular firework shows or even shooting their own fireworks in their backyard. Although fireworks are great fun, they can also be harmful to your hearing.

Discover how to keep your hearing safe this summer while still enjoying your favorite activities.

How Loud Are Fireworks?

Fireworks can be dangerously loud, especially if you are shooting your own or watching them from directly below. Fireworks can produce a sound that reaches from 145 to 170 decibels. Any sound that measures over 85 decibels can be harmful to your hearing, and fireworks can be double that.

Exposure to loud sounds can result in the following:

How to Keep Your Hearing Safe

Noise-induced hearing loss from exposure to fireworks is incredibly common. It's important to keep your hearing safe during the summer months and be proactive against hearing loss. Luckily there are ways you can still watch fireworks and keep your hearing safe.

The best way to protect your hearing this summer is by wearing earplugs. Earplugs will lessen the impact loud sounds have on your hearing, keeping your ears safe. When you come to our office, we can create custom earmolds for earplugs that will provide you with optimal hearing protection.

The next time you enjoy fireworks, be sure to wear earplugs to protect your hearing and lessen your chances of experiencing noise-induced hearing loss. If you have already been exposed to a loud sound, you hear a ringing in your ears, or you have suddenly lost your hearing, call us today. We can test your hearing and help you be proactive about your ear health.

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